Thursday, February 5, 2015

Random Thoughts Thursday

I know how Jan feels about her lost chapter. When I was in AP English in high school I was almost through a fifteen page paper with limited to be verbs when my paper disappeared into internet space. That hurts. Now I save my work in several places and email it to myself because emails seem to stick around forever.

I am also writing a novel. Jan is my mentor.

The silver lining of Jan's shitty situation is the fact that you got to hear my niece's beautiful singing. When she is on Broadway in ten years you will be bragging that you were one of the first to hear a performance.

You may have read my Mad Mondays post. My kids were suffering major cabin fever. Usually they get along, but they were fighting over ridiculous things such as the location of plastic chairs and the welcome mat. I think the last one is kind of self explanatory. We had to get out of the house before I jumped out a window and stuck my head in a snowbank, so I took in the sight of my house with boot prints on the floor, crumbs on the counter, a crumpled up table cloth, and a full washer and dryer and said, "Screw it!". I am now at this ingenious place called Cafe and Play which is just what it sounds like. Let me give you a visual. I am sitting at a table with a cub of coffee, okay, fine, a mocha with 600 calories, and my kids are playing five feet away in a fully enclosed, child proofed play area. I have been here fifteen minutes and have only been interrupted five times, which is about a third of the interruptions I experience at home within the same time frame.

This great place is closing its doors next month due to lack of revenue. Apparently not everyone likes to drink a cup of coffee and sit down. Come on, people! We need to start a donation page to keep this place opened. Places like these keep us Illinois stay at home moms with young kids sane during the long winter months. Did I mention that it is winter for like five months here?

I have now been interrupted nine times.

I feel guilty for sitting here typing instead of interacting with my kids within the play place. Then again, they do have wifi so I guess I am not the only slacker mom here.

I see a lady holding a newborn. It kind of makes me want another one.

My five year old is trying to help toddlers escape from the play area. My two year old is climbing up the slide. The feeling has passed.

My husband has a work dinner tonight. I don't think work and dinner can be said together unless you are the one cooking, especially not if alcohol is involved.

I thought of another way in which kids are like cats: both have a compulsion to climb shit. The difference is cats land on their feet when they fall. They also come potty trained. However, cats get very pissy when you attempt to take them anywhere, whereas kids get pissy when you remain in the house for extended periods of time.

I just spilled coffee in my lap because the lid wasn't on all the way. Should I make like the McDonald's lady and sue? Nah, they have no finances, remember?
I have now been interrupted twenty one times. My five year old thought I should know that some kid in there has a stinky diaper. As long as it's not mine I don't care.

If no one sees my house in its current state, is it still messy?

My five year old asked me if we can order french fries. They don't have french fries. Or beer, oddly enough. I think that would solve the cash inflow problem. See, Hunny, I could be an accountant.

I really think this blog platform needs to have spell check. Every time i try to copy and paste from Microsoft Word my font turns all weird.

Maybe I should just learn to spell.

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