Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thank You For Your Optimism

Dear Daffodils,

The two of you stood tall in my yard today; your sunny yellow blooms unfolded, your leaves extended as though stretching after a long, blissful nap. I admired both of you, not only for your beauty but for your frank optimism. Winter isn't over, and yet you emerged because of the few days when the sun warmed the soil and stirred you from your slumber. Tomorrow, the strong, cold winds will bend your delicate stems, and the snow will cover you, but I am grateful to have seen you when everything else around me was dull and gray. Seeing your bright beauty among the sludge of a long, trying winter tickled me. I had forgotten the joy of a glorious spring day, one that invigorates all my senses; the scent of wet earth emerging from snow, the songs of birds springing from the trees, the vibrant colors blooming before our eyes, and the feel of the warm sun on my head.

In light of all the struggles I have faced personally and all the struggles our country and the world have endured, you are a reminder of a more beautiful day that will emerge. Even when everything appears ugly around us, there is the promise that beauty will sprout and grow. It's hard to be optimistic in a pessimistic world, but optimism is what holds us together, like glue. By sprouting early, you reminded me the dark will pass, and there will be a sense of victory that I have made it through the tough stuff.

I strive to be like you. Not only do I want to believe there is good even during the worst of times, I also want to be that person who inspires others to believe the same. I want to stand tall like you, focused on the day before me rather than worry about what tomorrow might bring. Without the guarantee of tomorrow, you took on today and shared your beauty, inspiring me to pass it on.

Thank you Daffodils, for your optimism. I will always remember your sacrifice to teach me that beauty lies just beneath the surface of our toughest times and that it will surface when it's ready, and it will be glorious.

P.S., You were right to be so optimistic since I took you in and placed you in a vase for everyone to enjoy. I'm pretty certain that the two of you will be the most treasured flowers of the season.


An Optimist In Training