Maui, Hawaii

February 2021

Like everyone else, the last year has been a struggle with Covid keeping me down and trapped. So when my husband and I had the chance to get away, we took it and headed to Maui, Hawaii in February of 2021. Thanks to requiring a covid test before we departed, we didn't have to quarantine when we arrived and we're allowed to go right to our VRBO condo. We were greeted by the warm breeze and the rush of the ocean and my shoulders relaxed immediately. It had been so long since I had experienced a feeling of freedom, as though covid didn't really exist. Yes, we had to wear our masks, but there was still this feeling of relaxation that we didn't get at home.

What was even more delightful was when we entered our condo and stepped onto the lanai. Little did I know it was migration season for the humpback whales! Spouts of water appeared from all directions and then an occasional whale would breach and splash back into the water. It was the most glorious sight and something I had never seen. I knew I needed to see these beautiful creatures up close so I booked a whale watching tour. I was a little disappointed that I didn't see them as close as I wanted but here are some pictures of my trip and of the whales.

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