Favorite New Finds

This is my "new" (had it since January) toy and I absolutely love it! Even if you are not a writer like me, this is still a wonderfully handy tool to have. The reMarkable keeps all of my important information in one place without having to haul around my computer. I use my reMarkable to journal, keep track of phone calls with doctors, therapists, contractors, etc. I write down phone numbers that I usually scribble on paper and envelopes that always get lost--now I have them and I know who they are for! I also keep track of my projects, my kids comings and goings, aging parent information, and more. Each subject has its own folder so it's easy to find and access. Another great benefit is that it keeps its charge for days, even weeks depending on how much you use it and all your information syncs to your computer so it's never lost. I can't say enough good things about this handy new invention that's perfect for anyone who has a lot to keep track of. It's not cheap but it's worth its weight in gold!


I not huge into yogurt, but I know it's good for you. I decided to try Noosa recently and fell in love! It's super creamy and my favorite is the one with honey. My teenage daughter loves the coconut and says there is actual coconut in the yogurt. I think it could even stand alone as a dip for fruit. Try it out! #noosa

If you love wine, you will love this!

My husband and I love wine - that's no secret to our friends and family. We are members at some of our favorite wineries and order from them as often as we can afford. But wine can be expensive and paying a lot for a bottle of wine without knowing if it's worth the price is risky. We have quite a large stockpile of wine in our house, but some are too expensive to drink every day - they are more for special occasions.

Recently, my husband found Naked Wines. You invest $40 a month, become an angel investor and get to buy highly ranked wines at wholesale prices. Plus you get a free bottle of wine with every case you order. These are not wines you will see in your grocery stores or at your local liquor store. These are only distributed to angel investors. This program allows winemakers to focus on their wine rather than worry about marketing and distribution.

I encourage you to check it out at www.nakedwines.com. We have been very happy with the wines we have received so far. And, it's always exciting to get a delivery of wine!

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